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KM Miner ltd
Server Mining

KM Miner

Buy or rent the miners, which are assembled and configured by us. Choose now the ideal configuration for you!

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Farm Mining

Farm Coin

Don't you know where to mine with your server? We'll handle it! Find out our farm and our low cost housing services!

Server PandaMiner


We are authorized PandaMiner's retailers and partners. Discover our products and buy your first PandaMiner from us!

CM Consulting
CM Consulting Services

CM Consulting

Consultancy to large and medium-size companies. A future capable of reward your purposes. Discover our services!

Miner computer cryptocurrency

Mining Rigs
Innovative and highly performative GPUs

The GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) are the heart of your mine. They are your smallest process unity and they represent your extraction power. They are your production system's core and we know it very well!

For this reason every Miner is configured to obtain the best performance possible related with the best reliability from each and every GPUs, all equipped with 4GB or 8GB RAM:

  • AMD available with RX570 4GB, RX570 8GB, RX580 8GB;
  • Other configurations on request.

Our overclock's configurations guarantee an elevated hashing power, while maintaining stable consumption and performance. Our main algorithm are Ethash, Equihash, CryptoNight. It's possible to configure the miner with other algorithms based on GPUs' mining.

High performing, fast and long-lasting

The configurations of our miners are studied to obtain the highest production with the optimal reliability and durability. The essential parts such as motherboard, the power supply and GPUs are infact selected to mine quickly 20 or more different cryptocurrencies.

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your Mining Rig + Housing

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Farm coin cryptocurrency

Farm Service
Build your mine with Farm Coin

By purchasing your Rig, you'll get everything you deserve to mine new cryptocurrencies quickly and in autonomy. With the assistance and the facilities of our team and structures, you can grow your machine's number without any concerns regarding space issues and high assistency and energy cost.

Our Mining Rig can also be controlled by remote.

Learn more Real-Time MH/S

Your solution is KM Miner Support 24/7 Speed from 240 MH/s to 360 MH/s

Why would you choose KM Miner?

We work everyday to build a future for your ideas.


Competence is essential: KM Miner can count on a team of highly qualified people, costantly informed on new technologies.

Customized Miner Computer

KM Miner let you customize your Rig: we select the best components on the market to guarantee the best performances and a satisfying cryptocurrencies' production.

Full Time Support

KM Miner guarantees to its client a complete support: our experts are operative 24/7 and they can solve any technical problem found.


KM Miners' team follows the clients step by step: from the business part to the technological one, inspiring a crucial relationship of trust.

Farm's Open Day

Our Farm in Sofia (Bulgaria) has open doors to everyone that wants to discover our world. Contact us and set up an appointment!

Make money hourly

Thanks to the facilities provided by KM Miner, our clients can constantly track their miners and their earnings in complete indipendence.

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